Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Varied Thrush rush

I drove out to Crow Valley campground today, having heard about a Varied Thrush that has been seen there the past couple days. Things are pretty quiet at the campground - the gate is shut, and I was the only human there. In spite of that (or perhaps because of it?) I was able to find the bird hanging out with some thrush pals (robins and solitaires) near the picnic area in just a few minutes. Here are a few views of it.

Varied Thrush is pretty rare in Colorado, and this was my first one here. It's one of favorite birds though - very handsome, like a Robin that got tired of its plain look and decided to sport a necktie or a vest.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I just found my first Varied Thrush - he was way out of town and today I had my first one come to my feeder!!! I just love your blog and will be back. Cheers!!!