Monday, January 02, 2006

2005 List Totals

This should have been included in my previous Year in Review' post, but I instead got all verbose on you. So here are some raw numbers:
  • The Life List - 214 new birds, bringing my life total to 730. (214 is a personal record - my previous record was 185 in 2002.) This includes a Lesser Black-backed Gull seen on Dec 31. Nice!
  • The Colorado List - 227 birds. This includes that Gull as well as an unusual Great-tailed Grackle also seen later that day.
  • The Year List - 508 world birds, 303 ABA-area birds.
  • The current ABA List - 389 birds, with 72 pickups in 2005. (My previous record was 57 in 1998.) This also includes a Marsh Wren seen yesterday on the Loveland CBC.
Now I start fresh with a new World 2006 List and a Colorado 2006 List. Time to get cranking. Some goals for the new Year? I should get ABA #400, for starters. And for the year I'd like to get 300 species in Colorado and 350 ABA birds. (If I can swing trips to California and Florida I may be able to get 400 - we'll see.) And for the Life List...with a possible trip to Europe this summer I also think I have a shot at Life #800 too.

You can see all the details on my main list web pages.


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